GAZA STRIP Arab Mohammed, Project Coordinator Haitham Al Mughanni, Music teacher Muhammad Habash, Music teacher Ismael Daoud, Music teacher Karam Daoud, Music teacher SYRIA Ismael Trabolsi, Project Coordinator Manar Nwer, Music teacher Maysoon Ishak, Music teacher LEBANON Lina Al Ghoul, Projet Coordinator Shadi Esper, Music teacher EAST JERUSALEM Maya Khaldi, Music teacher BANDE DE GAZA [...]

The pilot phase (2010-2013) has demonstrated the huge impact of this project on children and community. Therefore, AER has decided to continue its social and educational action towards Palestinian refugee children by maintaining 20 choirs. Après la phase pilote (2010-2013) qui a remporté un vif succès, AER continue son action sociale et éducative fondée sur la […]

On the 23rd of April, 2013, 2:00 PM, 23 choirs made up of Palestinian refugee children located in 5 major cities in the Near East have performed simultaneously via satellite to create a single concert of their traditional music. The choirs, which together include over 800 children aged from 4 to 13, have performed in such diverse […]

Palestinian children choirs in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon AER Project in cooperation with UNRWA and Arab Music Institutes (Solhi Alwadi Association for Arts in Damascus, Edward Saïd National Conservatory of Music in Jerusalem, National Music Conservatory in Amman and Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music in Beirut) GOALS –       Unite the […]

Each member of « Al Sununu » is provided with educational material, created by AER under supervision of Edward Saïd National Conservatory of Music: – Instrumental playback CDs especially created, edited and distributed to all the teachers to be used during lessons. – Each student receives music theory books – « Al Sununu » songs books are created, edited […]