Creation of a Model of rehabilitation centre for adolescents at risk

Pioneering a model rehabilitation centre for adolescents at risk involves a combined support network gathering parents, social workers, health professionals and therapists who provide a variety of workshops including art therapy, music therapy and theatre.

Young people learn to become more responsible and self-sufficient.


On 18th and 19th of November 2009 in Tver, AER organized an international conference on “The innovative aspects in prevention against drugs and rehabilitation of children and youth”. The project was to present and discuss a model of rehabilitation centre for adolescents at risk.

This conference was attended by over one hundred and twenty participants from Russia and abroad.

International experts presented the rehabilitation programs implemented in their respective countries and discussed how to adapt these systems for a pilot centre in Russia.

The innovation of this model is based on the combination of the following elements:

– Therapeutic community gathering parents, educators, health professionals and therapists around children

– Professional workshops as a therapeutic and educational tool

– Art therapy, including music therapy, drawing, and theatre

– Accountability and empowerment for children in their daily lives.


– Foundation for the Care of Adolescents at Risk
– Russian Ministry of Health and Social development
– Tver Regional Council
– Russian Ministry of Education and Science
– Federal Education Agency, Russia
– State University Bauman, Russia
– Centre for Development of Social Programs, Russia